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Van Survives 2 Big Rig Collision

This is Ford Quality! What more needs to be said.

Ford Crowned as the Nav King — by JD Power

 Ford was Crowned the King as reported by JD Power and reported by Autoblog

J.D. Power releases sat-nav study findings, crowns Ford tops
by Jonny Lieberman (RSS feed) on Dec 7th 2009 at 9:59AM

Not only does Ford rank number one on J.D. Power and Associate's 2009 navigation system survey, it ranks number two as well. The top ranking system, according to Power's study, is the one found in the Lincoln MKS, followed by a nearly identical system (if not 100% identical) in the Ford Flex. And get this, Ford took down five of the top ten spots with the F-150 coming in fourth and the Escape and Edge taking seventh and eighth place, respectively.

To anyone that's driven a modern Sync-equipped Ford with navigation, these survey results probably won't come as any sort of shock, as FoMoCo has been making some of the best systems in the business ever since they released Sync with Sirius Travel Link. Here's what Ford user interface design engineer Jason Johnson had to tell us about why Ford got ranked tops:

"I think what really makes our system stand out is the fact it's designed with the user in mind. Yes, it has all the features you'd expect from a high-level navigation system -- the 3-D maps, the digital jukebox, the customizable home screens, and of course we pride ourselves on SYNC and SIRIUS Travel Link -- but it's more than that. This system is easy to use. It's intuitive. The buttons are where you'd expect them to be, the grouping is logical and the graphics are bright and easy to read. Everything is integrated, so it all works together, simply and easily."
Non-Ford top ten nav-system finishers include the Acura TL (third), Porsche 911 (fifth), Cadillac CTS (sixth), Hyundai Genesis (ninth) and Infiniti FX-series (tenth). Interestingly, Ford is the only non-luxury/premium brand to make it into the top ten. If you were wondering, seven of the bottom ten nav-systems were made by Toyota, with the Avalon finishing dead last. Complete results list and official press release available after the jump.

J.D. Power and Associates Reports:
Popularity of Real-Time Traffic and Voice Recognition Features in Navigation Systems Increases

The Clarion Navigation System Supplied to the Lincoln MKS
Ranks Highest among Factory-Installed Navigation Systems

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.: 1 December 2009 - Real-time traffic and voice recognition are becoming increasingly popular features among factory-installed navigation system owners, compared with 2008, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Navigation Usage and Satisfaction StudySM released today.

The study finds that 26 percent of owners report having a factory-installed navigation system equipped with real-time traffic capabilities-twice the proportion of owners in 2008 who said the same. Among owners whose systems do not currently have the real-time traffic feature, nearly 80 percent report interest in having the option in the future. Real-time traffic capability has a considerable impact on overall navigation system satisfaction, as satisfaction averages 8.1 (on a 10-point scale) among owners with the feature, compared with 7.3 among those without.

Approximately 60 percent of owners report having voice recognition on their factory-installed navigation system. Among those owners who do not currently have the feature, two-thirds of respondents express an interest in having it in the future. Overall navigation system satisfaction is positively impacted by the presence of voice recognition. Among owners who report having the feature, satisfaction averages 7.7 compared with an average of 7.2 among owners of systems without voice recognition technology.

"Among the 10 navigation systems with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, all of them have real-time traffic capabilities, and a majority are equipped with voice recognition-underlining the positive effect these advanced features have on overall navigation system satisfaction," said Mike Marshall, director of automotive emerging technologies at J.D. Power and Associates. "With 39 percent of consumers in the study reporting that they would have purchased another vehicle if navigation wasn't available (up from 31 percent in 2006) there is a growing segment of automotive consumers who are driven by technology. Integrating and delivering advanced user-facing technology in vehicles will continue to gain importance among manufacturers fighting for market share."

Now in its 11th year, the study identifies six factors that contribute to overall customer satisfaction. In order of importance, they are: ease of use; system routing; system appearance; voice directions; navigation display screen; and speed of system. The study also measures quality by examining problems per 100 (PP100) navigation systems, in which a lower score reflects higher quality.

The Clarion navigation system supplied to the Lincoln MKS ranks highest in consumer satisfaction with factory-installed navigation systems and performs particularly well with the ease of use factor. The Clarion navigation system supplied to the Ford Flex follows in the rankings, while the Pioneer navigation system in the Acura TL ranks third.

The study also finds the following navigation system trends:

* More than one-half of respondents report using their system on a regular basis (at least one to two times per week).
* Among consumers who have previously owned a vehicle equipped with a factory-installed navigation system, approximately 80 percent say that their current system is performing at the same level or better than their previous system.
* Approximately one-fourth of consumers say they believe that an annual update for mapping software is necessary and would be willing to pay an average price of $57 for updates.

The 2009 Navigation Usage and Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 16,939 owners who recently purchased or leased new 2009 model-year vehicles with factory-installed navigation systems. The study was fielded in October 2009.

About J.D. Power and Associates
Headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif., J.D. Power and Associates is a global marketing information services company operating in key business sectors including market research, forecasting, performance improvement, Web intelligence and customer satisfaction. The company's quality and satisfaction measurements are based on responses from millions of consumers annually. For more information on car reviews and ratings, car insurance, health insurance, cell phone ratings, and more, please visit J.D. Power and Associates is a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

About The McGraw-Hill Companies
Founded in 1888, The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP) is a leading global information services provider meeting worldwide needs in the financial services, education and business information markets through leading brands such as Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education, Platts, Capital IQ, J.D. Power and Associates, McGraw-Hill Construction and Aviation Week. The Corporation has more than 280 offices in 40 countries. Sales in 2008 were $6.4 billion. Additional information is available at

No advertising or other promotional use can be made of the information in this release without the express prior written consent of J.D. Power and Associates.

J.D. Power releases sat-nav study findings, crowns Ford tops — Autoblog

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FORD TAURUS - Ford Motor Company – digital snippets

FORD TAURUS - Ford Motor Company – digital snippets

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The 2010 Ford Fusion Car of the Year

Yesterday the 2010 Ford Fusion was named the car of the year!

No surprise here! The Ford Fusion – America’s most fuel-efficient midsize sedan – today was named MOTOR TREND’s 2010 Car of the Year®. The award comes hot on the heels of Fusion setting record-breaking sales for 2009.
The prestigious award from MOTOR TREND comes at a time when Fusion sales are already at an all-time high, further positioning the vehicle as a formidable contender in the competitive midsize sedan market.
To win the coveted Car of the Year award, Fusion outperformed the competition – including the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan – in six new categories: design achievement, engineering excellence, intended function, efficiency, safety and value.
The 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid are the most fuel-efficient sedans in America. The new models offer more power; class-exclusive technologies, such as Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) and Ford SYNC®; and more total passenger and luggage capacity than the Toyota Camry.
The Fusion lineup expanded in the 2010 model year to include all-new Hybrid and Sport models and a new selection of gas-powered engines – all paired with six-speed transmissions – that deliver even more horsepower and better fuel economy.
Fusion: A hit from the start
The Ford Fusion has been generating excitement among journalists and consumers alike since the nameplate first launched in the fall of 2005. In fact, the introductory model – which marked Ford’s re-entry into the midsize sedan market – was a finalist for MOTOR TREND’s 2006 Car of the Year award.
Since then, Fusion’s popularity has continued to soar – and so have sales. Fusion set a sales record in April – the first full month of sales for the redesigned 2010 model and the new Fusion Hybrid – and overall sales are already at an all-time high for 2009.
With its quality unsurpassed by Toyota or Honda, best-in-class fuel economy, class-exclusive technologies and significant residual value improvement, the 2010 Ford Fusion is clearly delivering the key attributes that midsize sedan buyers want.
The new Fusion Hybrid model has played an important role in Fusion’s success. The vehicle delivers an EPA estimated 41 mpg rating in the city and 36 mpg on the highway, topping the Toyota Camry hybrid by 8 mpg in the city and 2 mpg on the highway. It also offers innovative new technology – SmartGauge™ with EcoGuide – that coaches hybrid drivers to maximize fuel efficiency.
“Ford has proven its resilience in these tough times by delivering to market a car with broad appeal to a broad range of consumers. The Fusion range has matured into a competitive roster of midsize sedans, able to compete with sales juggernauts such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. It is no surprise the Fusion now ranks in the top 10 best-selling cars in America.”
– Angus MacKenzie, MOTOR TREND Eitor-in-chief
“The Fusion brought a vast assortment of choice that has the potential to appeal to every type of driver, from the eco-conscious to the sport-minded. The Fusion’s combination of comfort, fuel efficiency, assortment and technology made it a clear winner among our panel of judges.”
– Angus MacKenzie, MOTOR TREND Eitor-in-chief
“The MOTOR TREND Car of the Year award is another testament of our commitment to delivering a world-class car lineup. Whether it is the best-in-class fuel economy or quality unsurpassed by Toyota or Honda, the Fusion and Fusion Hybrid are clear evidence that Ford is serious about our car lineup.”
– Derrick Kuzak, Goup Vce Pesident, Ford Global Product Development, who accepted the golden calipers on behalf of the Ford team
“Even at a time when industry-wide sales are down 26 percent, Fusion sales continue to grow.” – George Pipas, Ford Sales Analyst
“Data show that high series models account for 50 percent of sales. Customers are also embracing technology offerings like voice-activated navigation, SYNC and Sony® Audio.”
– Jonathan Richards, Fusion Marketing Manager

 Ford Press Release

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3 Ford's Make Top 10 Cash for Clunkers

3 Ford's Ended up in the Top 10 vehicles of Cash for Clunkers

Automotive News just published the final list in the cash for clunkers and upon further review, 3 Ford's made the top 10.

The Ford Focus, the Ford Escape and the Ford F-150 were all in the top 10 for vehicles purchased.

Final top 10
Here are the top 10 sellers under cash for clunkers, according to new U.S. government data. Also shown are rankings based on incomplete information released in August.
1. Toyota Corolla29,4881
2. Honda Civic28,4562
3. Toyota Camry27,1373
4. Ford Focus22,3884
5. Ford Escape21,89410
6. Honda CR-V20,106n/a
7. Hyundai Elantra19,7975
8. Chevy Silverado16,330n/a
9. Nissan Versa16,3006
10. Ford F-15016,263n/a
Source: NHTSA

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Ford leads with technology to battle texting while driving


Ford leads with technology to battle texting while driving

Ford researches voice-to-text technology

2010 Lincoln MKZ: A wide suite of features and technology is available in the 2010 Lincoln MKZ, including SYNC with 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report, Voice-Activated Navigation, SIRIUS Travel Link and reverse camera.

After recently announcing support for a nationwide law to ban texting while driving Ford Motor Company is researching more efficient voice-to-text technology to add to and enhance the already popular hands free safety features currently available on Ford vehicles.

"A voice-recognition approach is better than bringing in a piece of paper and unfolding a map or looking down at a mobile device," said Ford's director of electronics, Jim Buczkowski after a press conference Monday where Ford announced that CEO Alan Mulally will, for the second consecutive year, deliver the opening keynote address at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. "We're looking at various combinations of accomplishing that task because it's being asked for by consumers."

Ford's in-car Sync system is already a hit with consumers. The Sync system reads text messages and operates cell phones with simple voice commands. This hands free technology has been a strong selling point for customers who previously hadn’t considered Ford products. Roughly 70% of the vehicles Ford sells now include the $395 option, Buczkowski said.

See related poll below

Recent studies show the advantage of voice operated hands free technology

Although previous studies have concluded that there is very little difference between hand held and hands free cell phone use in terms of the impact on distracted driving, Ford cites recent results from a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute that indicates a sharp increase by as much as 23% in the risk of crashes by a driver who is texting compared to one who isn’t.

The VTTI research was conducted using a naturalistic study method which they contend measures a driver’s attention in an environment closer to those experienced under actual driving conditions. The study goes on to state that headset cell phone use is not substantially safer than hand held use because the primary risk associated with both tasks is answering, dialing, and other tasks that require your eyes to be off the road.

A PDF version of the full report from VTTI can be downloaded for reading here.

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Ford #1 in Safety Again!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thunderbird Club

T-Bird Club Saturday July 11th

Once again the Thunderbird club is coming to Thoroughbred Ford. Over the last couple of years this has been one of our most popular car shows.

Come by Thoroughbred Ford on Saturday and see these great cars.

Starting at 10:00 AM

Thoroughbred Ford
8501 N Boardwalk
Kansas City, MO 64154

Monday, June 15, 2009

2010 Ford Taurus @ Thoroughbred Ford

This car will be on display all day today at Kansas City's best dealer, Thoroughbred Ford . This evening from 5-8PM we will be having the Premiere of the all new 2010 Ford Taurus, and we will have a 2011 Ford Fiesta for your viewing pleasure.

Come Join us this evening Monday June 15, 2009

Thoroughbred Ford
8501 N Boardwalk
Kansas City, MO 64154


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DUBd 2010 Ford Taurus SHO

These people are all talking about the new Taurus. You can see the new Taurus and the new Fiesta at Thoroughbred Ford on Monday 6/15/09 starting at 5:00 PM and ending at 8:00. Come on by see the cars and get some ice cream.

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2009 Roush BlackJack

2009 Roush BlackJack

We have recently been granted access to a brand new 2009 Roush BlackJack. The car is currently available. This is a powerhouse limited production stage 3 Roush. There were only 100 of these made and this is #32. If you are interested give Thoroughbred Ford a call at 800-808-Ford, or email us at

2009 Roush BlackJack

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2009 Ford Shelby GT500 & GT500KR

Only One 2009 Ford Shelby GT500 Left

Yesterday we sold our White GT500 so we only have just GT500 and one GT500KR left.

This is a 2009 Ford GT500 Vista Blue and it is awesome!

This is a 2009 Ford GT500KR Silver with Blue Stripes and it flies!

At thoroughbred Ford we also carry the Roush Mustangs and we have 2 2009 429R's in stock.

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Local Dealership Closings

Today is Not a Good Day for the Car Industry!

It is a shame that so many local dealers in the area will be closing. Having been in the car business for over 25 years, many of the local dealers closing are friends or acquaintances of ours.
We wish everyone luck in their future endeavors!

GM Stores Closing

11 Local Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge Dealers Closing

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Ford's Foresight Will Put Them on Top

Ford's Foresight

This morning on the front page of MSNBC they ran the following article on Ford and Alan Mulally. They discuss Ford's current situation and the future of the auto industry. It is a good article. We think it should be noted that they attribute some of Ford's current situation to luck, and that can certainly be defended. However, it is ironic that once again Alan Mulally pulled up to Washington DC in a production Hybrid, while the other 2 CEO's of the Big 3 came in cocept vehicles. Ford was on the right path before the current problems began.

Ford’s foresight puts carmaker in pole position

Image: Ford Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally arrives on Capitol Hill
Gerald Herbert / AP file
Ford’s Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., in a new Ford Fusion hybrid vehicle.

Ford’s foresight puts carmaker in pole position - The Driver's Seat
MSN Tracking Image
Sales are still dreadful, but the No. 2 carmaker is gaining share on rivals
By Roland Jones
updated 9:24 a.m. CT, Wed., May 6, 2009

As Chrysler makes its way through bankruptcy court and General Motors tries to avoid the same fate, Ford is emerging as the strongest of the Big Three automakers.

Ford has taken no federal bailout money, but it’s pulling ahead of its rivals because of well-timed financial planning and a focused and attractive mix of product. The automaker also is profiting from the troubles at GM and Chrysler.

“[Ford’s Chief Executive Alan] Mulally went out and got credit when it was available, and he has positioned the automaker with a global strategy using the Fiesta and the Focus,” said George Magliano, director of automotive industry research at IHS Global Insight. “So they have gone way up the ladder, and of course they look a lot better because they didn’t ask for a bailout.”

North American auto sales remain dismal, but Ford added market share in April, thanks to record sales of its fuel-efficient midsize Fusion. And with Chrysler in bankruptcy and likely to see sales continue to plummet, Ford will continue to gain, analysts say.

Ford sales were down 32 percent from a year earlier, but that was good enough to push past Toyota to reclaim its position as the nation’s No. 2 car company, with 16 percent of the market. GM, the largest automaker with 21 percent of the market, saw sales drop 34 percent. Chrysler, which filed for a government-engineered bankruptcy Thursday, reported the sharpest decline among major automakers, falling 48 percent.

Key to Ford’s success is its strong cash position. Two years ago, having just arrived in Detroit from Boeing and profiting from a stronger credit market, Ford’s Chief Executive Alan Mulally mortgaged every conceivable asset owned by the automaker — including the iconic blue oval Ford logo — to the tune of $23 billion to finance its turnaround plan.

Today, Ford has around $30 billion on hand, enough to finance its day-to-day operating needs until sometime in 2010, when the auto market is expected to pick up again, according to analysts.

Ford also has managed its product mix effectively, notes Tom Appel, associate publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive, a guide for car buyers. In mid-2008, when the price of gasoline topped $4 a gallon for the first time, Ford was best-placed out of all the big U.S. automakers to “roll into the recession” and handle the sharp rise in gas prices, he said.

While Chrysler had developed a suite of compact and midsize cars, including the Dodge Avenger and the Jeep Compass, that all looked similar and unrefined, and were not especially fuel-efficient, Ford and GM were producing stronger vehicles in these categories, Appel said.

Ford’s Fusion and Mercury, in particular, were perfect for when the recession hit and car-buyers “got conservative,” he said. Dodge’s midsize Avenger sold 1,400 units in April, but the Ford Fusion sold 18,000 units, Appel added. Ford also managed to work nice new interiors into the vehicles, and they have benefited from good press surrounding the introduction of the Ford Fusion hybrid.

“Ford didn’t spend a lot of money on the Focus; they didn’t redesign it, so when $4 gas came they had this vehicle ready, and so they could sell it cheaply when people started looking for cheaper transportation,” he said.

Chrysler in particular missed the mark on vehicle introductions, bringing out the redesigned Dodge Ram pickup truck and updated minivans just when the auto-buyer market was shifting to smaller vehicles.

“The Dodge Ram is an outstanding vehicle, but the market is not good for trucks right now,” Appel said. “They might have the best pickup ever made, but this is not the time to get the word out on it.”

The Obama administration has said it will backstop Chrysler warranties even with the automaker in bankruptcy, and has promised to extend the same protection to GM customers.

But a recent survey by research firm TNS Automotive shows 20 percent of customers are less likely to buy cars from an automaker that is operating with government help. That figure rises to 37 percent when bankruptcy is introduced, according to report on the findings by IHS Global Insight. Only 12 percent say they would support a car receiving government aid, with that number falling to 8 percent if the company files for bankruptcy, according to the report.

IHS Global Insight’s Magliano says Chrysler is likely to lose 40 to 60 percent of its sales volume in bankruptcy, and something similar could happen to GM if it is forced into bankruptcy protection. What’s more, Chrysler is cutting plants and scaling back production, which also will weigh on sales, he added.

“Despite the government guarantees for when you buy a car or a truck from these guys, this is a serious issue for the automakers,” Magliano said. “These sales will be lost and spread throughout the industry, and so we think Ford could see their sales volume increase by 30 or 40 percent because there are people out there predisposed to buy an American brand. That’s a significant amount of value for them.”

However, Ford isn’t out of the woods yet, notes Magliano. They’ve had luck getting money to survive on, but they still have too many plants and too many dealers, and also too many dealers in a shrinking and increasingly fragmented industry.

“And they’re counting on a significant recovery in sales at the end of this year, expecting annual sales to come in at the 12 million range, but we are looking at something more like 9.5 million or 10.5 million,” he said. “So there could be significant pressure on them at the end of this year; pressure they haven’t been counting on.”


© 2009

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Alan Mulally is one of Time's 100

Alan Mulally is on the "The 2009 Time 100"

Today "The 2009 Time 100" were announced and Alan Mulally made the list. The piece on Mr. Mulally was written by Steve Ballmer, a veteran Time reporter. At one point he writes:

"I'm rooting for him. My support is both emotional and rational. My father worked at Ford for more than 30 years. On the business side, the auto industry is an important customer and partner for Microsoft, with a long track record of shared technological innovation."

I think that this is a lot of people's sentiment. At Thoroughbred Ford we are seeing more and more people in the Midwest looking at Ford for the first time, or coming back to Ford. A lot of that has to do with the leadership at the helm.

Congratulations Mr. Mulally, we are rooting for you too!

The 2009 Time 100

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Fusion Hybrid Averages 81.5 MPG, Sets World Record with 1,445 Miles on Single Tank of Gas - Yahoo! Finance

The Fusion Hybrid 1,445 Miles on one tank of Gas

Over the Weekend Ford ran a test to see how far they could go on one tank of gas. They were trying to go over 1,000 miles. Well they did that and then some.

Yesterday I was discussing this with one of our Escape Hybrid owners, and she told me that twice she got 50+ MPG to the tank and is averaging just shy of 40 MPG.


Fusion Hybrid Averages 81.5 MPG, Sets World Record with 1,445 Miles on Single Tank of Gas - Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance

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Kansas City's Deal of the Week

Deal of the Week

You can buy this brand new 2008 Shelby GT500 for $44,450, but buy it before May 1st and take an additional $1,000 off.

Call 816-746-7567 or email

Ford Shelby GT500 Shelby GT500
Thoroughbred Ford 8501 North Boardwalk Avenue Kansas City, MO 64154 - (816) 746-7567

Stock #: 81670
VIN #: 1ZVHT88S485197314
Engine: 8 Cyl.
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Odometer Miles: 15
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Coal

AM/FM Stereo Radio
Accent Stripes
Air Conditioning
Alloy Wheels
Center Arm Rest
Child-Proof Locks
Courtesy Lights
Cruise Control
Driver Side Air Bag
Driver Side Remote Mirror
Fold Down Rear Seat
Front Bucket Seats
Gauge Cluster
Interval Wipers
Keyless Entry
Leather Upholstery
Multi CD Player
Passenger Side Air Bag
Power Brakes
Power Door Locks
Power Driver's Seat
Power Steering
Power Windows
Radial Tires
Rear Defroster
Rear Spoiler
Reclining Seats
Tilt Steering Wheel
Trip Odometer
City MPG:

Highway MPG:

EPA mileage estimates are for newly manufactured vehicles. Actual mileage may vary with driving habits, road and vehicle conditions and vehicle age.

Vehicle Price does not include any state, local, dealer fees or taxes. Any buyer must address errors or omissions before purchase. Dealer and Information Provider disclaim any warranty as to any errors or omissions.

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Ford Is Going To Drive a 2010 Fusion Hybrid 1,000 Miles on a Single Tank of Gas

You can follow this on FORD's Twitter Account

Ford Set To Drive 2010 Fusion Hybrid 1,000 Miles on a Single Tank of Gas

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Take Test Drive and We Donate to Breat Cancer

Ford Gives $20 and Thoroughbred Ford Gives $20

Ford has just announced a Test Drive drive program to raise money for Breast Cancer research. For every registered customer that takes a test drive Ford will donate $20 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Foundation. Along with Ford's donation, Thoroughbred Ford is announcing a matching donation of $20 for every test drive taken between now and June 1, 2009.

You must register at bring in your registration and we will fill it out for you.

Help Thoroughbred Ford and Ford give back to the Community.

This is from


In times like these, there’s never been a better time to give back. So when you test-drive any Ford vehicle between April 21, 2009, and June 1, 2009, Ford will donate $20 on your behalf to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, as part of their ongoing commitment to the fight against breast cancer.

When you test-drive a Ford, you’ll see a real difference. While others tell you there’s no credit available, Ford Credit is ready to help you finance your Ford vehicle. With the Ford Advantage Plan, you can buy or lease a new Ford vehicle and we’ll cover your payments for up to 12 months if you lose your paycheck.* Drive one today.

*Customer must be employed for 30 days after purchase. Must be employed full-time for 90 continuous days before job loss. Not available to self-employed, part-time or seasonal workers. Maximum monthly payment $700. Not available on E/F-450 and higher models. Program subject to change. Take new delivery from dealer stock by 6/1/09. See dealer for full program details and qualifications.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Give Back

In times like these, giving back to the community is more important than ever. So when you test-drive a Ford vehicle between April 21 and June 1, Ford will donate $20 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® on your behalf – to the Komen affiliate in the city of your choice.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ford Reports $1.4B Loss, Beat Estimates

Although Ford Reported a loss this quarter they beat the streets estimate by 50%. The prediction was that Ford would report a loss of approximately $1.23 per share, however the loss was $0.60 per share.

Ford Reports

$1.4B Loss,

Beat Estimates -

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2010 Ford Fusion

If you haven't seen this car yet WOW!

2010 Ford Fusion

At Thoroughbred Ford, Kansas City's Premier Ford Dealer, we have several 2010 Ford Fusion's on our lot at the moment. If you liked the 2006-2009 Fusion, you will love this one. The handling is better, the engines are re-tuned, the look is more refined and the interior appointments are sharper. All around this car is a great vehicle. Come on by and take one for a spin.

2010 Ford Fusion


MSN Autos
LeftLane News
the Car Connection

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ford Raises the Bar!

Ford Raises the Bar and Sets the Standards!

This is a reprint of an article in Advertising Age!

Ford Leaving Chrysler, GM in Its Rearview

Strategy to Build Brands, Discount Less Pays off As Automaker Steals Share

DETROIT ( -- Suddenly, the wind is at Ford's back.

Maybe it's the rising quality of its cars. Maybe it's the halo surrounding Ford for passing up federal funds being devoured by its Detroit rivals. Or it could simply be Ford's focus on building image in its marketing while others flog incentives. But for whatever reason, America seems to have decided that Ford is a better idea after all.

Ken Czubay, VP-sales and marketing at Ford
Ken Czubay, VP-sales and marketing at Ford

Through January, Ford Motor Co.'s retail-market share had risen for four consecutive months for the first time in 14 years, and that share was coming from General Motors and Chrysler. New data from CNW Market Research show that 19% of consumers who planned to buy a GM passenger car in January or February instead bought a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury. Some 15% of people who set out to buy a Chrysler or Dodge car in January instead switched to one of Ford's brands.

"Times like these can provide opportunities for us to distance ourselves for the long term," said Ford's Ken Czubay, VP-sales and marketing. "We are doing fine from a conquest standpoint."

Indeed, in the first two months of the year, the number of qualified buyers who planned to buy a Ford jumped 16% from 2008, CNW said. Qualified buyers who intended to buy GM fell 12% and Chrysler 33%.

Huge leap
That's a remarkable feat for Ford, considering that until three years ago, it was running ads tagged with the rather pathetic plea, "If you haven't looked at a Ford lately, look again."

"To be able to grow even a little bit of share in such a tough market is an accomplishment," said Cameron McNaughton, president of auto consultant TreeFarm Partners. Ford "is doing a terrific job."

More impressive is that Ford has moved up in America's estimation even though it has not touted in marketing the fact that it hasn't accepted a government handout. Ford said it never really considered doing so, figuring its limited funding is better spent on brand building.

But another reason may be it simply doesn't need to. CNW President Art Spinella said 93% of Americans already know Ford is not now dependent on government funds, while 95% of consumers polled by his company know GM and Chrysler are on the dole.

Any ads by Ford along those lines "would absolutely be the wrong thing to do because it would look like they're dancing on GM's and Chrysler's graves," Mr. McNaughton said.

Keeping quiet
"For Ford right now, the right way to handle this is to stick to their knitting," said one top industry creative with knowledge of auto accounts. "They should say the positive things about the quality of Ford products, as they've made huge strides, and their products are much, much better than ever before." He added: "The PR that they are getting around the whole bailout is doing that job for them."

Of course, there's also the real chance that Ford may have to stretch out its hand after all if its reorganization plans don't work out.

Ford also felt the brunt of the industry's worst sales in 40 years. Ford, Lincoln and Mercury's U.S. sales plunged 48% to 96,044 units vs. February 2008. And though Ford's retail share had climbed for four months, in February its retail share fell one point to 11.5%, which it attributed to an industrywide drop in full-size pickup sales, a category it dominates.

But if consumers were going to buy a truck, they were likely to think Ford. CNW data show that 32.6% of Americans who intended to buy a GM truck in January or February instead chose a Ford Motor product. Ford had the highest conquest rates from GM among the six biggest car companies and was tops for winning over consumers who initially intended to buy a Chrysler truck.

Even so, the Ford brand still has a way to go when it comes to cars. Toyota and Nissan managed to grab more consumers who intended to buy Chryslers, according to CNW.

Newfound confidence
With its newfound strength, Ford has also regained its ad swagger. The company is displaying a strong tone of confidence in its launch ads for the second-generation Ford Fusion midsize gas-powered sedan and first Fusion Hybrid. Ford's Matt Van Dyke, director-marketing communications, said the multimedia blitz, which includes four months of TV advertising that broke last week, targets the so-called "upper purchase funnel" of people who aren't in the market for a vehicle.

That strategy is the opposite of the one GM, Chrysler and other automakers in the crumbling new-vehicle market have been using, which is to heavily aim at people lower in the funnel, or closer to purchase.

Ford's approach will allow it to build brand equity and demonstrate that when Americans are ready to buy, there will be a Ford in their future. Mr. McNaughton said he likes the straightforwardness of Fusion's launch TV spots from WPP Group's JWT Team Detroit, which highlight fuel efficiency and the vehicle's Sync technology. "People don't want dancing girls; they want facts and information."

The automaker is also taking a different road in trying to wean itself off incentives. "We are zigging while some are zagging in the incentive world, and this is the way Ford Motor Co. is going to build for the future," Mr. Czubay said.

Incentive spending in the industry overall was up $400 per vehicle from January to February but down $800 at Ford, said George Pipas, sales-analysis manager for the U.S. at Ford.

"Retail messages with $5,000 off aren't enough" to woo buyers these days, Mr. McNaughton said. "Ford is taking the higher ground. That's really smart."

~ ~ ~
Contributing: Rupal Parekh

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ford Safety and 911 Assist!!!

Ford Safety is our Number 1 Concern!

We hope you never have to find out, but if you do you can feel confident that Ford has done everything in their power to mitigate the ill effects of auto accidents. Recently, a customer wrote to Ford, here is a quote from the letter they wrote:

  • I was in a major accident...that totaled my brand new, less than 2 day old Ford Escape. ...I was broadsided by a Ford minivan which smashed into the passenger side door and bent the door and frame in. ... After shaking my head and realizing what had happened I heard a voice say "I sense you were in an accident, calling 911" The Microsoft sync system that I had setup the day before with my cell phone had called 911 for me. I told the women at 911 that I was in an accident. She asked me if I was Ok and where I was....I thought this stuff was only in commercials on TV/Radio. It really does work!!! The police arrived within minutes of the accident and 2 fire trucks also arrived a few minutes later... In the two cars there were a total of 4 people. I was in the Escape and there was 1 adult and 2 kids in the minivan. Both kids in safety seats....Front air bags deployed on the minivan and the side airbag curtains deployed on the Escape. All walked away with no serious injuries...If I were in my old Truck I don't think I would have walked away that easily...Thank You Ford for all the efforts you put into your cars for all 'our safety'. :) My truck can be replaced, but I can't be. :)
Does anything else need to be said?

Thoroughbred Ford

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Have a Great Snake Saturday

Snake Saturday, what a great day for a Parade!

If you go to the parade today, keep an eye out for our cars, we have F-150's, Thunderbird's and Mustang's riding in the parade.

Last Chance for the Auto Show!

The Auto Show's Last days are today and Tomorrow.

We have discount certificates at the front desk, just come in and ask for them.

It is going to be a Great Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Auto Show Comes to Town

The Greater Kansas City Auto Show

Starting yesterday and lasting through this Sunday, the greater Kansas City Auto Show will be at Bartle Hall. We will have several of our salesman there to assist you if you need anything. There are discount certificates at our receptionist desk if you are planning on going to the show.

We at Thoroughbred Ford recommend that you do go to the show and compare Ford's products to our competition. This will solidify why Ford is number one in quality and reliability.

Remember; "Why buy a Ford when you can own a Thoroughbred?"