Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ford C-MAX Energi Tops All Utility

Ford C-MAX Energi Tops All Utility and Compact Vehicles with EPA-Rated 620-Mile Range; Triples Prius Plug-in’s Electric Range

  • Ford C-MAX Energi has the most range of any utility or compact vehicle by achieving an EPA-rated 620-mile range on a single tank and a single charge, taking customers 80 miles further than the Toyota Prius plug-in
  • C-MAX Energi achieves up to 21 miles in all-electric range – more than triple the Prius plug-in hybrid’s six-mile all-electric range – with a 108-MPGe EPA city rating
  • C-MAX Energi addresses trends of more Americans “super commuting” longer distances and increased congestion; electric-only operation in stop-and-go traffic is estimated to waste 1.9 billion gallons of gasoline annually
DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 16, 2012 – America’s most efficient utility vehicle – Ford’s new 108-MPGe C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid – also has the most range of any utility or compact vehicle with a 620-mile overall driving range as rated by the Environmental Protection Agency.
This means C-MAX Energi customers could drive from Detroit to New York City, San Francisco to Las Vegas, or even Portland, Ore., to Twin Falls, Idaho, through the combined use of the power stored in the vehicle’s advanced lithium-ion battery and one tank of gasoline.
The Toyota Prius plug-in trails the C-MAX Energi by 80 miles at 540 miles of overall range, and the Chevrolet Volt comes in third at 380 miles.
“C-MAX Energi is America’s most efficient utility vehicle, a great symbol of how Ford gives customers the power to choose leading fuel-efficiency across our lineup with gas prices spiraling upwards of $5 a gallon in some parts of the country,” says John Davis, C-MAX chief engineer. “The C-MAX Energi’s leading range also means customers can spend more time on the road and more money on their priorities instead of at the gas pump.”
C-MAX Energi achieves up to 21 miles in all-electric mode, meaning at least one leg of the average work commute – reportedly 20 miles each way – could be completed each day on electric battery charge only, allowing customers to save gas as they face traffic congestion in their commute.
The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid offers up to six miles in all-electric range, meaning C-MAX Energi can travel three times more distance than the Prius plug-in hybrid before first engine start.
A study by the United States Department of the Treasury estimates congestion consumed an extra 1.9 billion gallons of fuel in 2011, approximately 5 percent of all gasoline used.
“The C-MAX Energi is the first plug-in hybrid to combine significant electric only range with great overall range on a tank of gas,” says Davis. “We expect many C-MAX Energi customers will commute largely on electricity, yet will still have the range, space and flexibility to take a long road trip without stopping every few hours.”
Debuting this fall with a 108 MPGe city EPA rating and for $29,995 after a federal tax credit, the C-MAX Energi is Ford’s first production plug-in hybrid vehicle and part of the company’s first dedicated line of hybrids.
Drivers can handle the roads with power and style as well. Offering 195 horsepower with a fully charged battery, the new C-MAX Energi has 60 more horsepower than the Prius plug-in hybrid and boasts class-exclusive technologies such as hands-free liftgate and active park assist.
With the growing trend of commuters spending more time on the roads, the C-MAX Energi’s combination of fuel efficient highway driving and electric-powered city driving is more important than ever. A recent study from New York University’s Rudin School of Transportation shows today’s commuters are on the road longer than ever before, and the number of people who commute more than 90 miles to work has doubled over the past 10 years. With a 108 MPGe city rating and 92 MPGe on the highway, C-MAX Energi gives customers leading fuel efficiency throughout their commute.
Power of choice
C-MAX Energi figures prominently in Ford’s rollout of electrified vehicles. Ford’s other electrified vehicles include:
  • Focus Electric: Production began late 2011; America’s most fuel-efficient compact with 110 MPGe city and 105 MPGe combined; 6 MPGe better than the Nissan Leaf
  • C-MAX Hybrid delivers EPA-certified 47 mpg city, 47 mpg highway ratings – 7 mpg better than the Toyota Prius v on the highway – for a 47 mpg combined rating
  • All-new Fusion Hybrid is America’s most fuel-efficient sedan after being certified by the EPA to deliver 47 mpg city, 47 mpg highway, 47 mpg combined. This beats the Toyota Camry Hybrid by 8 mpg highway, 4 mpg city
  • Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid: Will begin production by the end of this year; aiming to be the most fuel-efficient midsize car in the world with more than 100 MPGe
Built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., the all-new C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid begins arriving this fall at EV Certified Ford dealers in 19 markets, followed by nationwide rollout in all 50 states in early 2013.
More information about Ford’s electrified vehicles – including press releases, fact sheets and product sheets, photos and video – can be found here.
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ford Warriors in Pink Launches 2013 Collection

Ford Warriors in Pink Launches 2013 Collection, Continues Celebrating Breast Cancer Survivors With Its ‘Models of Courage’ Campaign

  • The 2013 Ford Warriors in Pink collection of apparel and accessories is now available at; 100 percent of the net proceeds benefit breast cancer charities.
  • Ford Warriors in Pink® once again honors breast cancer survivors who have demonstrated strength and courage in their battle with its “Models of Courage” program — showcasing11 survivors, 11 stories of hope.
  • For the past 19 years, Ford has fought the battle against breast cancer 365 days a year, raising more than $120 million for the cause with $4.7 million in donations generated from Warrior wear and gear.
DEARBORN, Mich., May 29, 2012 – Ford Motor Company and its Warriors in Pink® campaign kicks off its 19th year of support in the fight against breast cancer with the arrival of its 2013 collection of Ford Warriors in Pink apparel and accessories. Created for women, men and children, the collection features important symbols signifying the message of hope, strength and unity in the fight against breast cancer. The new collection is now available at, with 100 percent of net proceeds going directly to the fight against breast cancer.
“Models of Courage,” a program launched in 2012 to highlight the stories of breast cancer survivors, is continuing this year with inspirational stories of 11 women and men who were selected for the Models of Courage program to serve as Ford Warriors in Pink role models and inspire everyone involved in the fight against breast cancer.
Ford Warriors in Pink created the Models of Courage program to celebrate breast cancer survivors who have demonstrated strength and courage in their battle. In 2013, the Models of Courage will build upon their roles, traveling around the country as ambassadors for Ford and the breast cancer fight, sharing their stories of hope and survival, and connecting with women and men who need support and encouragement.
“The Ford Warriors in Pink campaign, with $120 million dedicated to the cause, is nowhere near done. As long as breast cancer affects our moms, sisters, daughters, fathers and sons we will continue to fight,” said Tracy Magee, Ford’s primary brand experiential manager. “The personal stories and experiences of the Models of Courage will help raise awareness, as well as inspire those battling breast cancer to continue the fight. Their stories inspire me every day.”
Supporters can learn more about the campaign and each of these individuals on the Ford Warriors in Pink Facebook page, under Models of Courage.
The Models of Courage will also appear nationally as models for the 2013 line of Warriors in Pink wear and gear. Also available for viewing at is “Bang the Drum: Living Out Loud in the Face of Breast Cancer,” the first Ford Warriors in Pink film. The documentary provides personal stories on what a breast cancer diagnosis meant for these Models of Courage, and how their diagnosis served as a channel that inspired each of them to do more and live with greater purpose.
Along with the 2013 apparel, Ford Warriors in Pink ® will once again team up with Remo, Inc. an iconic leader in the music products industry, and produce a “Warriors in Pink” line of percussion instruments. A $5-20 donation of each sale will be made to Ford-sponsored charities that support research and education and offer financial aid for people in treatment. In addition, autographed drumheads will be auctioned on E-Bay for ten days starting June 3rd, 2013. 100% of the pledged amount from the auction will be donated to breast cancer charities. Participating bands include No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Montgomery Gentry, Jerrod Neimann and Band, Dierks Bentley, Steve Smith, and Franklin Vanderbilt.
Warriors in Pink shoppers have the opportunity to choose which breast cancer charity to support with their apparel purchase at checkout. The four organizations highlighted include:
  • Susan G. Komen ® — Komen’s promise is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality of care for all and energizing science to find the cures. Thanks to events like the Komen Race for the Cure, the organization has invested almost $2 billion to fulfill its promise, working to end breast cancer in the U.S. and throughout the world through groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 50 countries.
  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF) — With more than 365,000 grassroots volunteers from around the country, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundationconducts, funds and fast tracks research with the unique mission of creating a future without breast cancer by understanding the causes and ways to prevent it.
  • The Pink Fund — Provides financial aid in the form of direct bill payment on behalf of breast cancer patients in active treatment. Many patients are unable to work during treatment. Others lose their jobs. With mounting bills and either no income or severely limited income, they quickly find themselves in dire financial distress. The Pink Fund provides Real Help Now.
  • Young Survival Coalition (YSC) — The Young Survival Coalition directly improves the lives of thousands of young women with breast cancer. One in eight women diagnosed with breast cancer are younger than 45 years old. YSC provides free resources and programs to support, educate and empower these women.
Ford Warriors in Pink is giving breast cancer supporters the chance to win a new 2013 Warriors in Pink Fusion Hybrid. The all-new Fusion Hybrid has a best-in-class EPA-estimated rating of 47 highway miles per gallon. The Fusion Hybrid is an entirely new idea of what a car can be. Supporters can enter the contest here:
The Ford commitment runs well beyond raising funds. The company is dedicated to making a difference 365 days a year by encouraging women to become informed and visit their doctors, educating them that early detection saves lives. 2013 marks Ford Motor Company’s 19th year of support, dedicating more than $120 million to the cause to date.
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About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 175,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ford Leads Auto Industry

Ford Leads Auto Industry in Using 3D Imaging to Improve Quality, Making F-Series Trucks Even Tougher, Quieter

  • Ford now using 3D mapping to better analyze rear truck axles for problems that could affect reliability; technology also provides for a smoother, quieter ride in F-Series pickups
  • Photogrammetric pattern reader (PPR) technology instantly stitches together 9,000 images of truck axles during assembly for 3D analysis
  • PPR automated analysis provides faster and more efficient assessment over manual visual inspections
DEARBORN, Mich., May 28, 2013 – Ford engineers are using 3D mapping in what is believed to be the technology’s first application in the auto industry to better analyze rear axle parts of F-Series pickups during assembly, leading to a smoother, quieter ride for drivers of Ford trucks.
Similar to Google Earth, which uses three-dimensional imaging to map the world, Ford’s photogrammetric pattern reader (PPR) uses a pair of digital cameras to combine photos of the axle gears into a series of 3D pictures that are compared against an ideal computer model of the gears. Gears that don’t meet “Built Ford Tough” specifications are discarded.
“PPR technology is the next evolution in quality control for our commercial trucks,” said David Gravel, an engineer in Ford’s advanced manufacturing group. “While traditional, visual inspections of our axle gears ensure we’re delivering dependable, tough trucks to our customers, this new technology allows us to conduct our inspections faster, and at a level of detail the human eye just cannot discern.
“We constantly look for ways to go further for our customers,” he added, “and this system is one example of how we are making our trucks even more reliable.”
Ford’s system uses line scan cameras and infrared lights to turn a series of two-dimensional image slices into a single three-dimensional image for analysis. It was developed with Madison, Wis.-based Automated Vision and ATM Automation in Livonia, Mich.

“This technology is part of a trend where companies like Ford are using advanced automation to increase accuracy and consistency in production,” said Nan Zhang, a scientist at Automated Vision. “Computer vision is booming and is a very important topic for the next decade.”
Now in use at Ford’s Sterling Axle Plant in Sterling Heights, Mich., PPR stations are being rolled out in Ford plants worldwide.
How does it work?
The complex curvature of the hypoid gears used on the rear axle ring and pinion makes it impossible to see both sides of each gear tooth in a single image. The two cameras used on the inspection rig capture 9,000 1024x1-pixel images from each side of every gear tooth in a matter of seconds as the gears rotate. The processing system contains a digital model of the gear profile that is then used to stitch these images together and flatten out the gear teeth into a single 3D panoramic image that can easily be scanned to ensure the teeth are meshing correctly.
Any parts that show anomalies that could cause noise or durability issues are scrapped. On average, only two to five parts per every 1,000 parts fall outside the tight tolerance range for acceptability.
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About Ford Motor CompanyFord Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 175,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit