Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ford Safety and 911 Assist!!!

Ford Safety is our Number 1 Concern!

We hope you never have to find out, but if you do you can feel confident that Ford has done everything in their power to mitigate the ill effects of auto accidents. Recently, a customer wrote to Ford, here is a quote from the letter they wrote:

  • I was in a major accident...that totaled my brand new, less than 2 day old Ford Escape. ...I was broadsided by a Ford minivan which smashed into the passenger side door and bent the door and frame in. ... After shaking my head and realizing what had happened I heard a voice say "I sense you were in an accident, calling 911" The Microsoft sync system that I had setup the day before with my cell phone had called 911 for me. I told the women at 911 that I was in an accident. She asked me if I was Ok and where I was....I thought this stuff was only in commercials on TV/Radio. It really does work!!! The police arrived within minutes of the accident and 2 fire trucks also arrived a few minutes later... In the two cars there were a total of 4 people. I was in the Escape and there was 1 adult and 2 kids in the minivan. Both kids in safety seats....Front air bags deployed on the minivan and the side airbag curtains deployed on the Escape. All walked away with no serious injuries...If I were in my old Truck I don't think I would have walked away that easily...Thank You Ford for all the efforts you put into your cars for all 'our safety'. :) My truck can be replaced, but I can't be. :)
Does anything else need to be said?

Thoroughbred Ford

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