Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Ford's Make Top 10 Cash for Clunkers

3 Ford's Ended up in the Top 10 vehicles of Cash for Clunkers

Automotive News just published the final list in the cash for clunkers and upon further review, 3 Ford's made the top 10.

The Ford Focus, the Ford Escape and the Ford F-150 were all in the top 10 for vehicles purchased.

Final top 10
Here are the top 10 sellers under cash for clunkers, according to new U.S. government data. Also shown are rankings based on incomplete information released in August.
1. Toyota Corolla29,4881
2. Honda Civic28,4562
3. Toyota Camry27,1373
4. Ford Focus22,3884
5. Ford Escape21,89410
6. Honda CR-V20,106n/a
7. Hyundai Elantra19,7975
8. Chevy Silverado16,330n/a
9. Nissan Versa16,3006
10. Ford F-15016,263n/a
Source: NHTSA

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