Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Does A Ford Trade-in Look Like?

The trend has been subtle, I have noticed it over the last 3 years, a small rising wave, but the other day it grabbed me.  I walked out of the dealership and saw three trade-in's parked next to each other waiting to be stocked in:

What is unique about these cars is that they are no longer the Exception.  In one morning last week we took in both of these BMW's and this Audi. What I used to expect when I started selling Ford's almost 20 years ago was a Chevy, Buick, Dodge, Toyota, etc.  What we expect today is very different, we see everything: 
10 years ago when a customer drove on the lot with one of these high end cars the older seasoned salesman would run away because, they did not expect that they could find the right vehicle for the customer.
Today these cars driving onto our lots has become normal, no one blinks, because we know that our cars are as good or better than what the customer is driving and that is why they are here.
I came to understand this almost two years ago while I was delivering a Ford Flex. The couple had ordered the Flex and when it came in they drove up to the dealership in the husbands loaded Mercedes.

While I was delivering the vehicle and showing them what the car could do, the husband who was in the back seat said, "My Mercedes doesn't do that", I smiled.  I continued on with the Sync system, and from the back heard, "My Mercedes doesn't do that", I chuckled.  As I was finishing the Navigation system demonstration, the husband said,  "My Mercedes doesn't do that", and the wife said, well "My Ford does".

Our Ford's Go Further!

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