Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heartland Park and Ford

What a great experience Heartland Park is!!

Yesterday was the first time that I had the privilege of visiting Heartland Park in Topeka, KS.  I have visited Topeka with my family and we have always had fun when we were in town.  I have not been an NHRA fan, though primarily because I have never sat through a race before.  I am now a fan.

Ford invited us down to the track for a presentation on upcoming products, the Fiesta, the new Focus, the new Explorer, new engines in the F-150's.  It is an exciting time for Ford.  We watched some of the talks from the big Dealer meetings in Detroit a few weeks back.  For a bunch of Salesman and Managers it was a pretty neat.  We got lots of free stuff and watched the best presentation I have seen in 15 years, thanks Mike Durkin.

Then we got to meet some of the drivers Bob Tasca was first.  Bob is a Ford dealer but I was still impressed when he came out to watch the videos with us.  What a great advocate for Ford he is, this guy bleeds Blue.  Also, while we were watching the videos a family spotted him, I could hear the dad say to his kids look there is Mr. Tasca.  Bob looked up saw them as they were starting to walk away, jumped up and ran over to the family, to sign the kids hats and shirts.  In an age of too many celebrities being selfish and uptight it was refreshing and a huge character statement.

After this we got to go meet the Force team. We met John Force who is as affable a guy as you would ever want to meet.  He is a show stealer, telling stories, listening to our stories and really paying attention.  With one exception, when his daughter started her car he shot around the corner to listen to it run, and then quickly came back.
 We also got to meet Robert Hight who was winning when we left on Friday.
And of Course Ashley Force!
 Oh we also got to watch the races.  What a great time.

Thanks to: Ford, Heartland Park, City of Topeka, John Force, Ashley Force, Robert Hight, Bob Tasca, John Force Racing, Ford Racing, NHRA, Mike Durkin and of course my favorite the unflappable Stacy Allen!! Thanks
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